18 July 2014

thank you to cloth & kind!

just wanted to say thank you to the the girls of cloth & kind, krista nye schwartz and tami jennings for teh lovely feature they posted about my shapes collection rugs, along with a little impromptu video interview.

tami, krista and myself, in my woven accents window during #LCDQLA, along with our long time buddy, marissa marcantonio from style beat blog
tami and krista were my "neighbors" this year at #LCDQLA legends, designing the window at sydney harbour paints, just down the block from my window at woven accents. of course they kicked ass, but most importantly, it was fun to have friends working just down the street! i loved being able to visit with them, and hope they come back to LA soon!

krista and tami's colorfully chic window at sydney harbour paints (also my paint sponsor- LOVE THEM!)

xo, girls, and thank you! click here to read.

15 July 2014

"tips on shopping for bar stools", my latest on the 55 downing street blog

bar stools in a living/dining area by maison21

please visit the 55 downing street blog for my latest, "tips on shopping for bar stools".

16 June 2014

black and white style for the home, my latest at 55 downing street

bathroom design by maison21
hi kids! yup, i'm working that bathroom again! (have you ordered your wallpaper yet, btw?). my latest post over at 55 downing street is all about black and white decorating, including inspiration by mary mcdonald, alberto pinto and moiself, plus some simple tips for decorating with black and white (ie- it doesn't need to be as graphic as my bath). please go check it out.

mary mc donald

alberto pinto

12 June 2014

maison21 shapes collection pieced cowhide rugs: new photos, and your opinion please!



just received some new photography so we can add my shapes pieced cowhide rug collection for 27 ground to the woven accents website, and my problem is, which should we show first? it's like trying to pick a favorite child- i love each of them in different ways, so i can't choose! hexes is winning on pinterest with number of repins, but algorithm seems to be a crowd favorite on instagram; pennants is popular with my facebook friends but fields is my first born, so i have special feelings for him. ;-)

what do you think? which is your favorite?

09 June 2014

thanks pinterest! (a little unexpected love for a maison21 interior design project)

just wanted to say a little thanks to pinterest for featuring my project from 2009 in a recent email. this project is a favorite of mine due to a great syngeristic match up of like minds between my fabulous fashion forward client (now friend), cristina angarola and myself as designer, so i'm so glad it's getting a little love five years later. well, a LOT of love really- 3900 pins and counting!

you can read more about the project and see more pictures on the blog here and here.